VPNs Using Certification Authorities

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


to recognize how to configure and verify IPSec VPN using CAs

Target Audience

The primary target audience includes network designers, network administrators, network engineers, and system engineers.


Cisco CCNA certification, a basic knowledge of the Windows operating system, Cisco’s IOS networking and security terms and concepts.

Expected Duration

190 min.

Course Objectives

VPNs Using Certification Authorities

  • recognize the features of IOS CA support and SCEP.
  • to recognize how to configure and verify IPSec VPN using CAs.
  • recognize the steps to plan CA support and determine ISAKMP policy.
  • recognize the need to check the configuration of IPSec policies.
  • recognize how to check for network connectivity before applying encryption.
  • prepare for configuring IPSec on a network using certificates.
  • recognize CA interoperability, how to manage NVRAM use, and how to set router time and date.
  • recognize how to assign a router host and domain name, add an entry to a router host table, generate RSA key pairs, and declare a CA.
  • recognize how to configure CA support.
  • configure CA support on a Cisco router.