vSphere 6.0 ICM Part One

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vSphere 6.0 ICM Part One will introduce students to VMware’s vSphere 6.0 datacenter virtualization product. Students will learn about the basic concepts and components which will allow them to install, configure, and manage a virtualized server environment in a simple configuration. Students that complete this course should be able to create and manage a simple vSphere 6.0 virtual environment.


18 Hours


To benefit fully from this course, the following prerequisite courses, skills, and knowledge are strongly recommended:
Comptia Network+ knowledge base (equivalent or greater)
At least two years’ experience of experience in server management
Windows Server experience: 2008, 2012 (DNS, DC, Service Management)
At least 6 months of experience with shared storage infrastructures


vSphere 6.0 ICM Part One

Module 1: Introduction to Data Center Virtualization

  • Lesson 1: What is virtualization?
  • Lesson 2: The components
  • Lesson 3: Licensing

Module 2: Installation Processes

  • Lesson 1: Preparation
  • Lesson 2: ESXi Hypervisor installation
  • Lesson 3: Host management installation

Module 3: vSphere Network Configuration

  • Lesson 1: Physical network basics
  • Lesson 2: Virtual network basics
  • Lesson 3: Standard switch configuration

Module 4: vSphere Storage Configuration

  • Lesson 1: Basic storage concepts
  • Lesson 2: Virtual storage concepts
  • Lesson 3: Storage Considerations
  • Lesson 4: Configuration

Module 5: Virtual Machines

  • Lesson 1: Virtual machine overview
  • Lesson 2: Virtual machine configuration
  • Lesson 3: Virtual machine management







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