Web 2.0 Fundamentals

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Web 2.0 technologies including RSS feeds, blogs, and wikis provide powerful ways to access site information and enable users to participate and collaborate in the creation of site content, rather than being passive users of a web site. This course provides an overview of what Web 2.0 is and the role that the Web 2.0 technologies play. Specific topics covered include an introduction to Web 2.0, the impact of social networking, and Web 2.0 development technologies including HTML, XML, JavaScript, Ajax, mashups, SOAP, web services, and Representational State Transfer (REST) services. This course is part of a series in designing, developing, and hosting a web site path.

Target Audience

A range of in-training or established professionals in organizations and individuals needing to learn the principles of web site design and development. The audience may include web authors, webmasters, marketing and communications professionals, PR professionals, graphic designers, desktop designers, technical writers, and library scientists.


Students should have basic computing and word-processing skills, and familiarity with some web and design terminology.

Expected Duration

120 min.

Course Objectives

Introducing Web 2.0

  • distinguish between the key characteristics of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 sites
  • recognize the key 2nd generation web technologies
  • Social Networking

  • recognize the value and purpose of social networking platforms used in Web 2.0
  • recognize how social networking can be used to support business
  • Key Characteristics of Web 2.0

    Designing with Ajax and XHTML

  • recognize how Ajax is used to enable Web 2.0 web sites
  • identify design issues when creating a web site for Web 2.0
  • Web Services and Mashups

  • distinguish between SOAP-based web services and lightweight Representational State Transfer (REST) services
  • identify the potential benefits and drawbacks of using a mashup when designing a web site
  • Setting Up Web Feeds

  • set up web feeds to a web site
  • Developing for Web 2.0





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