Web Application Tracing and Debugging in VB.NET

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


To explain the use of tracing and testing in .NET web applications, and to outline how to perform interactive debugging in Visual Studio .NET

Target Audience

Web developers seeking to update their knowledge and skills when developing, testing, and debugging software applications in Visual Studio .NET or pursuing MCAD or MCSD .NET certification


Familiarity with Visual Basic .NET syntax and the main tasks involved in using the Visual Studio .NET integrated development environment

Expected Duration

220 min.

Course Objectives

Web Application Tracing and Debugging in VB.NET

  • enable the different levels of tracing in a web application.
  • view trace results and use Trace objects in .NET.
  • enable page-level and application-level tracing in a web application using VB.NET and view trace results.
  • create, configure, and run tests on web applications using the Visual Studio .NET Application Center Test utility.
  • use scripting to test a .NET assembly and run unattended builds and tests on web applications.
  • perform a web application test using the Application Center Test utility and unattended tests in VB.NET.
  • configure an application project and prepare the code for debugging in Visual Studio .NET.
  • start and stop debugging, use breakpoints, and step through an application being debugged in Visual Studio .NET.
  • distinguish between the uses of the main debugger windows in Visual Studio .NET.
  • use the advanced debugging features of Visual Studio .NET, including remote debugging, JIT debugging, and exceptions.
  • use Visual Studio .NET for interactive debugging of a VB.NET application.