Windows 2000 – Backup and Recovery

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To demonstrate how to perform effective backups and how to recover servers, data, and the Active Directory

Target Audience

Students preparing for Microsoft exam 70-215 and/or 70-210


Working knowledge of Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT Workstation 4.0 from administrative, support, and architectural perspectives

Expected Duration

220 min.

Course Objectives

Windows 2000 – Backup and Recovery

  • define the functions of the Windows 2000 Backup utility and the Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) feature.
  • recognize actions required before starting a backup job, perform a backup using the Backup Wizard, and identify how to back up data using the Backup tabbed page in the Windows Backup utility.
  • start the Backup Wizard, and specify the file to back up and make a copy backup.
  • define the functions of a trial restore, identify how to restore files and folders using the Restore Wizard and the Restore tabbed page in the Windows Backup utility, and recognize how to create an Emergency Repair Disk.
  • use the Restore Wizard to restore a backup file and view the resulting report.
  • identify the group backup and restore permissions, state the steps involved in planning a backup strategy, and recognize the different types of backup.
  • recognize different types of network disasters and the methods provided by Windows 2000 for disaster recovery, and define the advanced startup options you can use when normal startup fails.
  • define the purpose and functions of the Recovery Console, state the requirements for rebuilding and restoring a server, recognize how to install the Recovery Console and how it is used to repair a system file, and identify how to start a computer in Safe Mode.
  • use the Recovery Console to restart a computer.
  • define the different types of System State data stored by Windows 2000 for recovery purposes, and identify how to back up the System State data using the Windows Backup utility.
  • use the Backup Wizard to back up the System State.
  • recognize how to recover from Active Directory damage in Windows 2000 by using replication and restoration methods, and identify how to restore the System State and make the restore authoritative.
  • open the Restore Wizard and restore the Active Directory, set advanced restore options and restore the System State data, and use the Ntdsutil utility to perform an authoritative restore of the Backrest organizational unit.