Windows 2000 – Implementing a Network Infrastructure: Security

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To provide an overview of security in a Windows 2000 network

Target Audience

Students preparing for Microsoft exam 70-216; students working in a medium to very large computing environments that use the Windows 2000 network operating system


Familiarity with the Windows 2000 network operating system

Expected Duration

315 min.

Course Objectives

Windows 2000 – Implementing a Network Infrastructure: Security

  • define a VPN and identify VPN connection types and protocols.
  • cite security considerations for configuring a VPN and specify inbound and outbound VPN connections.
  • configure an outbound VPN connection.
  • give a brief account of VPN management issues including user access, verification, and maintenance.
  • identify common problems on VPN networks, plan strategies to deal with acceptance and rejection problems, and list diagnostic tools available for troubleshooting VPNs in Windows 2000.
  • define the roles of IPSec in security policies and authentication methods.
  • configure and enable an IP Security policy, implement security rules, change tunnel settings, and assign a predefined policy.
  • create, customize, and enable an IPSec policy.
  • cite notification and security issues that relate to IPSec.
  • list possible causes of IPSec failure, check policy settings, and use IPSec Monitor.
  • define the functions of NAT, and give a brief account of considerations relating to implementing NAT.
  • install NAT and specify its properties.
  • specify a new interface and allocate a public address pool.
  • plan strategies to secure a NAT router and enhance NAT performance.
  • recognize common problems associated with NAT and take steps to solve them.
  • define key encryption and list the functions of a certificate authority.
  • install and configure certificate services.
  • add a trusted root CA, and create and configure a subordinate standalone CA.
  • give an account of managing certificates and troubleshooting Certificate Services.