Windows 2000 – Network Design: Remote Connectivity

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To provide an overview of security and connection sharing in Windows 2000, and to analyze requirements and design an implementation/monitoring strategy for each service

Target Audience

Students preparing for Microsoft exam 70-221; personnel in medium to very large computing environments that use the Windows 2000 network operating system


Experience in designing network infrastructures in environments that support 200-26,000+ users and 5-150+ physical locations using typical network services and applications including file and print, database, messaging, proxy server or firewall, dial-in server, desktop management, and Web hosting

Expected Duration

255 min.

Course Objectives

Windows 2000 – Network Design: Remote Connectivity

  • list the basic characteristics of virtual private networks in Windows 2000.
  • list the remote access, protocol, security, and performance implications of implementing a virtual private network in Windows 2000.
  • evaluate how a virtual private network meets an organization’s business goals and implement a VPN in Windows 2000 for a given scenario.
  • list the functions of Internet Protocol Security and identify the ways in which Windows 2000 promotes IPSec functionality, security, availability, and performance.
  • identify the appropriate IPSec settings and policies for a given Windows 2000 network.
  • assign appropriate IPSec settings to components in a Windows 2000 network.
  • monitor, adapt, and test an IPSec design in Windows 2000.
  • list the uses of Network Address Translation and identify the scenarios in which it can be used in Windows 2000.
  • list the different ways of securing a NAT design in Windows 2000 and identify the most suitable method for a given scenario.
  • enhance Network Adress Translation availability and performance and design a NAT solution for a particular Windows 2000 network.
  • list the uses of Microsoft Proxy Server and identify the issues that you need to address when designing a proxy server solution in Windows 2000.
  • list the different ways of using Proxy Server to restrict inbound and outbound traffic in Windows 2000.
  • list ways of enhancing a proxy server installation and design a proxy server solution for a given Windows 2000 network.
  • design a Proxy Server solution for a given Windows 2000 network.