Windows 2000 – Security Solutions

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To provide the information and skills necessary to design secure Windows 2000 networks, and to introduce the major security concepts, threats, risks, and the principal security features of Windows 2000

Target Audience

Students preparing for Microsoft exam 70-220; personnel in medium to very large computing environments that use the Windows 2000 network operating system


Experience in designing network infrastructures in environments that support 200-26,000+ users and 5-150+ physical locations using typical network services and applications including file and print, database, messaging, proxy server or firewall, dial-in server, desktop management, and web hosting

Expected Duration

210 min.

Course Objectives

Windows 2000 – Security Solutions

  • identify the elements and approach of a network security scheme.
  • identify assets and their associated risks on a network and outline possible threats to network security.
  • identify the administration, encryption, and authentication resources available in Windows 2000.
  • outline considerations for planning and designing network security.
  • outline the salient points to be documented in a security plan.
  • outline elements of a security maintenance plan and identify approaches to disaster recovery.
  • identify policies to combat security risks.
  • analyze business requirements that influence security design.
  • identify business requirements while considering a security strategy.
  • analyze technical requirements that influence security design.
  • assess technical requirements for a security strategy.
  • assess network security requirements.
  • identify security issues within an organization.