Windows 2000 – Users

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


To provide an overview of local and domain user accounts and to demonstrate how to create, configure, and manage user accounts and profiles

Target Audience

Students preparing for Microsoft exam 70-215 and/or 70-210


Working knowledge of Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT Workstation 4.0 from administrative, support, and architectural perspectives

Expected Duration

195 min.

Course Objectives

Windows 2000 – Users

  • identify the types of user accounts and their attributes and components, recognize how to create organizational units, and identify how to create a domain user account and a local user account.
  • create a new domain user account.
  • identify the properties associated with a user account, use selected properties to configure a local user account as a group member, recognize how to modify accounts, and set the account properties for a new user account.
  • modify a user account to restrict logon and assign a manager.
  • recognize how to identify and resolve problems with user accounts.
  • identify the purpose of bulk imports and requirements for files being imported, recognize the relationship between an attribute line and a user account line necessary for importing files, and format a file for CSVDE import.
  • recognize how to run the CSVDE command from the DOS command prompt and how to perform batch operations.
  • import a file using the CSVDE command.
  • recognize the types of user profiles, and identify the files, folders, and desktop settings configured for the local user profile during log on.
  • recognize the purpose and attributes of roaming user profiles, create a mandatory roaming profile, and copy an existing profile to create a profile for another user.
  • create a shared folder, map a user profile to the shared folder, and assign it a roaming user profile as a template.