Windows Vista User State Migration

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The process of migrating users’ documents and settings from one operating system to another is called user state migration. Migrating user settings within and enterprise environment has typically been a complex process due to the number of computers and users involved, however with careful planning and utilization of the new User State Migration Tool migration issues should be reduced. This course explores the User State Migration Tool 3.0 (USMT), including customizing and automating the user state migration process to minimize disruption to your organization and to ease the recovery of users’ preferences. Additional focus is given to the tools used to execute user state migration such as Windows scripting, the Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment 2007, and the Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 Operating System Deployment Feature pack (OSD).

Target Audience

IT personnel with a minimum of one year of experience supporting Windows Vista and Office 2007 rollouts, and other technical professionals who wish to certify on Windows Vista and Office.


a minimum of one year experience working in a Windows Vista and Microsoft Office environment

Expected Duration

60 min.

Course Objectives

Overview of User State Migration

  • match migration examples to the appropriate tool
  • identify what settings cannot be migrated
  • identify the different migration scenarios
  • Introduction to USMT 3.0

  • run the ScanState command line
  • recognize the features of component files
  • run the LoadState command line
  • Migrating User Accounts

    Using the User State Migration Tool 3.0