Working Out and Through Conflict

Individuals who want to develop or refresh their skills in recognizing and responding to workplace conflict


Expected Duration
29 minutes

When you are dealing with workplace conflict, emotions get stirred up, and many people want conflict to ‘go away.’ But in most cases it won’t go away on its own, so you need to choose a course of action. Sometimes it just means making peace with yourself or a situation. Other times, you may need to make trade-offs. If your choice is to deal with it straight on, you need a process. In this course, you’ll learn how to work through conflicts smoothly by using a structured conflict resolution process. You’ll also learn about techniques for getting the process back on track if difficulties arise.


Conflict: A Process to Aid the Heavy Lifting

  • recognize appropriate questions to ask when confronted with what seems like a conflict situation
  • sequence actions to take in order to follow the conflict resolution process appropriately
  • follow principles to execute a conflict resolution process successfully
  • recognize techniques to use to bring difficult conflict discussions back on track.
  • make effective use of a process to resolve workplace conflict





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