Working with Contacts in Outlook 2010

A broad range of business users

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

By taking the time to create contacts in Outlook 2010, you can save yourself from having to type out full e-mail addresses every time you send a message, assign a task or send out meeting requests. You can further arrange contacts by creating contact groups that allow you to e-mail multiple contacts at once by only typing the group name. This course covers the multiple ways that contacts can be created, as well as how to modify existing contacts, and import and export contacts between Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Google Gmail.


Using Contacts

  • create contacts
  • create contact groups
  • modify your contacts
  • import your contacts from Google Gmail to Outlook
  • export your contacts from Outlook to Google Gmail
  • create contacts
  • modify your contacts
  • export your contacts from Outlook to Google Gmail





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