Working with Files and Folders and Using Search and RSS Feeds in Outlook 2010

A broad range of business users

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Outlook 2010 provides default folders such as the Inbox, Deleted Items, and Sent Items to assist users in managing and organizing their e-mail messages. Sometimes these folders do not meet all of a user’s needs and additional folders need to be created. This course discusses the creation and management of additional folders in Outlook, as well as the creation of Search folders, which is a type of virtual folder used to automatically organize messages. The course covers how to use the Instant Search feature, which allows you to instantly find e-mail messages, and how to refine your searches. Importing and exporting files are demonstrated. RSS feeds and how they can be used in Outlook 2010 are also discussed.


File Transfer, Searching, and Using RSS Feeds

  • use your own folders
  • import files into Outlook 2010
  • export files from Outlook 2010
  • create Search folders
  • perform Instant Searches for e-mail messages
  • use RSS feeds
  • export files from Outlook 2010
  • search for e-mail messages
  • manage RSS feeds





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