Working with Forms, the Canvas, and Media in HTML5

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This course provides detailed instruction on three new APIs in HTML5 – Canvas, Audio and Video – as well as on the new features of the Forms API. The course also shows how supporting browsers will render the page and provides fallback solutions for non-supporting browsers.

Target Audience

Experienced web developers seeking skills in using HTML5 and CSS3


Expected Duration

90 min.

Course Objectives

HTML5 Canvas API

  • create a canvas on an HTML5 web page
  • add objects to a canvas
  • HTML5 Forms API

  • create an HTML5 form using new form fields
  • apply HTML5 Forms attributes for the usability of form entry
  • Using the Canvas API and Forms API in an HTML5 program

    HTML5’s Audio and Video Media Elements

  • recognize key characteristics of HTML’s media elements
  • Using Audio and Video in HTML5

  • apply audio to an HTML5 program
  • apply video to an HTML5 program
  • Writing an HTML5 Program Using Audio and Video





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