Working with JUnit Tests

Java programmers who wish to use JUnit for unit testing


Expected Duration
80 minutes

There are a number of features in JUnit for enhancing and expanding tests. This course covers how to create test suites and categories, optimize JUnit tests using execution procedures, timeouts and rules, manage test data, use theories and mock objects, run tests with Maven, and implement testing in legacy code.


Grouping Tests

  • start the course
  • create JUnit Test suites
  • use categories in JUnit tests

Finetuning |w Tests

  • manage failures with @Ignore in JUnit tests
  • configure timeouts in JUnit tests
  • customize JUnit test runs

Managing Test Case Data

  • use parameters in JUnit tests
  • manage data across multiple JUnit tests
  • configure execution ordering in JUnit tests

Testing Rules

  • enhance JUnit tests with rules
  • use rules to manage JUnit tests

Theories and Mock Objects

  • work with JUnit theories
  • work with mock objects in JUnit tests

Maven and JUnit

  • run JUnit tests with Maven

Legacy Testing

  • configure JUnit tests for legacy code
  • configure JUnit test suites for legacy code

Practice: Modifying Java Code in Test Scenarios

  • practice modifying existing Java code to accomplish proper testing scenarios





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