Working with Ruby

Programmers who want to use features of Ruby to create, test and distribute Ruby applications


Expected Duration
95 minutes

There are a number of features in Ruby that can be used to enhance, extend, test, and distribute your applications. In this course, you’ll learn about working with collections such as arrays and hashes and using modules such as enumerable to manage them. The course also explores working with blocks and using features of methods and classes such as the self object and method_missing. You’ll also learn about networking in Ruby and completing a Ruby application using comments, code organization, and ruby gems, testing with MiniTest, and application distribution. 


Working with Attributes

  • start the course
  • use getters and setters in Ruby
  • work with structs in Ruby
  • define variable scope in Ruby


  • work with arrays in Ruby
  • work with hashes in Ruby
  • work with ranges in Ruby
  • work with sets in Ruby

Modules and Mixins

  • use mixins in Ruby programs
  • use modules in Ruby programs
  • use the enumerable module to traverse and search collections in Ruby


  • use blocks in Ruby programs
  • use blocks for iteration in Ruby
  • use blocks for later execution in Ruby

Procs and Lambdas

  • use procedures in Ruby
  • use lambda expressions in Ruby

Working with Methods

  • define access control for a |w method in Ruby
  • use default argument values in Ruby
  • use variable length arguments in Ruby
  • implement method name conventions
  • use method_missing in Ruby
  • use method aliasing in Ruby

Object Initialization and the Self object

  • initialize objects in Ruby
  • use the self object in Ruby

Completing Ruby Applications

  • insert comments in Ruby code
  • organize code in Ruby applications
  • access and use RubyGems to find and publish gems
  • use MiniTest to test Ruby code
  • package and distribute Ruby applications

Practice: Creating a Ruby Application

  • practice creating and distributing a Ruby application





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