Working with Tasks, Relationships, Constraints, and Milestones in Project 2016

End users at all levels, including those who have little or no familiarity with Microsoft Project 2016 and more experienced Project users who want to learn about the enhanced features to create a realistic project schedule using Project 2016.


Expected Duration
49 minutes

Setting up a project using Project 2016 is a crucial step to project management success. In this course, you’ll learn how to create and organize tasks, as well as form task relationships by linking and unlinking tasks. In addition, this course demonstrates how to import tasks, set lags, constraints, and milestones, as well as work with the Task Information dialog box. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers Microsoft Project 2016 for beginners.


Creating and Organizing Tasks

  • start the course
  • add a task to a project plan in Project 2016
  • rearrange tasks by reordering, inserting and deleting unwanted tasks in Project 2016
  • import tasks into Project 2016 from Word, Outlook and Excel
  • set up a custom Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) code in Project 2016
  • modify, link, and unlink tasks in Project 2016
  • add a recurring task to a project in Project 2016
  • format text styles and gridlines in a task sheet in Project 2016
  • overlap tasks in Project 2016

Constraints, Milestones, and Deadlines

  • identify the types of date constraints in Project 2016
  • add milestones to indicate project progress in Project 2016
  • assign a deadline reminder in Project 2016
  • add a task priority and make a task inactive in Project 2016

Practice: Working with Tasks

  • insert, delete, reorder, and import tasks and add a project milestone in Project 2016





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