Working within the Sales Culture of Your Organization

Individuals who wish to develop basic sales techniques or refine their existing sales skills

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

How is your sales team organized? Do you know the goals, principles, and culture that drive your sales efforts? To succeed in sales, you must understand the importance of your sales culture and how it influences your overall sales effectiveness. This course provides an introduction to sales cultures and highlights their importance in today’s competitive marketplace. It also examines the role of the salesperson in a winning sales culture, the attributes of an outstanding salesperson, and how to excel in virtually any sales culture. In addition, the course explores sales management styles. It also provides advice on how to avoid some common sales mistakes.


Organizational Sales Cultures

  • determine the sales culture of an organization
  • recognize examples of winning sales people
  • identify ways to develop personal accountability as a sales person
  • match common sales mistakes with ways to avoid them
  • match the sales management styles to how to work with each type





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