Writing Effective E-mails and Instant Messages

All levels of employees, and any individual who wishes to refresh and refine their e-mail skills


Expected Duration
28 minutes

E-mail has become an indispensable part of the way organizations communicate, conduct business, and maintain their operations. Knowing e-mail etiquette is key to using this business tool effectively. It can help ensure you get messages across quickly, appropriately, and concisely. This course introduces tried-and-true guidelines for e-mailing effectively, fundamental elements every e-mail should contain, and the importance of keeping e-mails concise. The course also covers the etiquette associated with using instant messaging programs as an extension of e-mail.


E-mail and Instant Messaging Basics

  • recognize the appropriate use of basic rules of etiquette related to the tone and formatting of e-mails
  • recognize the appropriate use of basic rules of etiquette related to answering e-mails
  • identify appropriate ways to use the “”From”” field and subject line in e-mails
  • recognize effective ways to write the parts of an e-mail message
  • identify guidelines for keeping e-mails concise
  • recognize appropriate usage of basic rules of IM etiquette
  • use rules and guidelines to write effective and appropriate e-mails and instant messages





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