Writing Shell Scripts in Linux

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


outline how to write the main components of shell scripts in Linux

Target Audience

Students wishing to acquire the basic skills required as a Linux system administrator.


General knowledge of computers and computer operating systems ideally encompassing Unix knowledge because of the similarity to Linux.

Expected Duration

175 min.

Course Objectives

Writing Shell Scripts in Linux

  • identify the appropriate tasks and commands to make a shell script executable for users.
  • select the appropriate commands used to write a basic script in Linux.
  • work with conditional statements in Linux.
  • work with test commands in Linux.
  • create a Linux shell script that displays a list of files edited by a user.
  • work with looping statements in Linux shell scripts.
  • use loops to process files.
  • recognize the appropriate shell script command lines used to process user input and output files in Linux.
  • identify the appropriate code used to group statements into functions in Linux.
  • develop input and output files and group statements into functions in Linux.