You and Your Negotiating Counterpart

Individuals who want to develop their negotiation skills


Expected Duration
34 minutes

We all have emotions, motivations, and unique personalities. You’ll need to accept and integrate that into your negotiating strategy. Most people are so busy with their own interests that they do not fully realize the other person’s issues. This course will help you build critical components of a good negotiating relationship, including mutual trust, a deeper understanding of where your negotiation counterpart is coming from, a set of techniques to use when faced with different personalities, and a plan for getting them to come along with you.


The People Side of Negotiation

  • determine how to increase the level of trust your negotiating counterpart has in you
  • determine the negotiation personality type of your counterpart
  • adjust your approach based on your counterpart’s negotiating personality
  • recognize strategic approaches to emotions and interests in an negotiation
  • apply effective strategies for addressing interpersonal challenges during negotiations.





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