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Passport is personally tailored training. It’s the only vendor accredited solution with the role-specific training program delivered by a Cisco Global Learning Partner of the year. Live courses are guaranteed to run and taught by world-class Firefly instructors who blend formal learning and real-world business scenarios to ensure you hit the ground running.

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Discover for yourself, our technical training is world class. See how our instructors engage students and disseminate our course curriculum in a fun, informative way.


Benefits of our Degreed Learning Platform

The LMS market is a vast sea of comparable products with indistinct features designed around the needs of HR departments, not students. Degreed’s student-focused Learning Platform stands in stark contrast to traditional learning platforms and allows students to discover new content, track progress and get recognized for ALL the learning they do. At the core of Firefly’s culture lies our commitment to empower our students with the sources needed to develop in-demand skills and with Degreed, we can provide life-long learning.

Degreed Learning Platform
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Access insightful articles, expert on-demand, live or virtual content and relevant videos curated just for you.

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Earn credits and see your progress with personalized learning pathways and structured career tracks.

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Learn anywhere, anytime. Capture all the learning you’re already doing on your phone.

Learn About our Elite Instructors

Firefly’s elite instructors are amazing teachers with a passion to share their expertise with the world. They use enthusiasm, and expertise to communicate concepts and their educational abilities for their specific topic, makes them amongst the best in the industry. Get to know the elite tech and creative pros that instruct Passport courses.

Firefly Passport Instructors

Ensuring your success

Success Advisors are experienced learning specialists who help students with course selection, certification advice, and time-management. These dedicated professionals can tailor-fit a learning plan for individuals or teams with diverse learning preferences. Our IT training support experts can help you get the most out of your online IT training.

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