Cisco certification training

Instructor-led Cisco training allows you to collaborate with peers and gain real-world skills in a state-of-the-art environment.


Cisco certification and training

Our instructor-led Cisco certification training is delivered live by expert instructors allowing you to attend interactive classes online when and where you want.

Whether you’re trying to earn a Cisco certification, gain increased product knowledge or getting ready for new technology implementation KnowledgeNet’s live, instructor-led Cisco training is the perfect solution to achieve your goals.

12 months unlimited access to over 40 Cisco training courses PLUS immediate access to new courses

Live Cisco courses feature world-class instructors in an interactive environment

Live Labs using gain real equipment to develop real-world skills

Access to over 15,000 IT books and 26,000 video tutorials

Certification practice exams to help prepare for and pass certification exams

Certified mentors are available to answer your training questions

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We put more into your Cisco certification and training so you can get more out of it. Reach your goals quicker with the right tools.

12 Months Unlimited Access

Your twelve-month subscription gives you unlimited access to your Cisco course plus additional learning resources to enhance your learning experience.

Live Labs

Your subscription includes Live Labs which gives you your very own sandbox to help develop valuable IT knowledge and skills.

Certification Practice Exams

Prepare for your Cisco certification with practice exams that are designed to help you prepare for and pass your Cisco certification exam.

World-Class Cisco Instructors

Each live Cisco courses features a world-class instructor that provides exceptional instruction in an interactive learning environment.

Extensive Learning Library

Enhance your learning with our Learning Library that gives you access to over 15,000 IT books and 26,000 video tutorials.

Personal Advisor and Certified Mentoring

We'll help you develop a training plan according to your goals and certified mentors are available to answer your training questions.

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