3 Opportunities in Software Development That Will Make You Six-Figures

3 Opportunities in Software Development That Will Make You Six-Figures

Software development is currently providing the most lucrative opportunities in information technology.

While IT Infrastructure and cloud computing continue to provide gainful employment, the demand for software developers has caused fierce competition amongst employers to find qualified talent. This competition has created a plethora of high-paying positions that often go unfilled. For example, some software development positions in the field of cybersecurity are providing salaries north of $200,000 for highly skilled developers with multiple years of experience. While this shortage of skilled talent has been challenging for hiring managers with positions to fill, it has created fantastic opportunities for those willing to train and develop the right skill set. Here are three opportunities in software development that will make you six-figures once you’ve gained some experience.

Back-End Developer – $101,000

Back-end development is a role that offers the ability to work in a variety of industries. While many back-end developers work for employers, some have chosen to work as independent contractors and create their own schedules. In contrast to front-end developers who develop interactive client-side web applications, back-end developers are responsible for creating the backbone of web applications on the server-side. Those with an interest in back-end development should start with front-end development. While front-end development doesn’t pay a six-figure salary, front-end developers can make salaries anywhere from $50,000-$85,000. Additionally, the experience acquired in front-end development becomes quite helpful once a developer begins back-end training. Courses associated with back-end training include Python, Java, .Net, MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server. According to Indeed, the average salary for back-end development is $101,000.

Full Stack Developer – $106,000

Full stack developers have the expertise to develop web applications from the front-end, client-side to the back-end, server-side. This means full stack developers are capable of working independently on projects. This independence is highly advantageous to thinly resourced marketing teams that can’t afford multiple web developers. The demand for full stack development is very similar to back-end development because both roles require front- and back-end web application skills. Regardless, the additional responsibility comes with a slightly higher pay grade. Anyone interested in full stack development must acquire experience with both the front and back end of web development. Courses associated with full stack development include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Java, .Net, MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server. According to Indeed, the average salary for full stack development is $106,000.

Agile Coach and ScrumMaster® – $117,000

Project Managers with Agile or Scrum skills provide team leadership and direct projects through industry best practices to ensure successful project outcomes. Agile Coaches and ScrumMasters should possess leadership, communication, and advanced software development skills. Candidates who are interested in either of these positions will need to fulfill the required experience before being certified. This includes logging project hours and passing a written exam. It’s very important that project hours are accurately logged in the event of an audit. An Agile coach will need to successfully pass the PMI-ACP certification and the ScrumMaster will need to successfully pass the Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM.) According to Indeed, the average salary for these positions is $117,000.

Summing It Up

Software development is an excellent field for those interested in using their technical aptitude to earn high-paying incomes. This lucrative opportunity really comes down to a willingness to train and develop the required skills. KnowledgeNet: The Live Learning Company has recently partnered with the Code Institute to deliver full stack training that is available for beginner and advanced level students. Anyone interested in pursuing a career in software development is encouraged to speak with one of KnowledgeNet’s friendly representatives to learn more. Visit KnowledgeNet.

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