Blockchain History and Potential Future Impact

Blockchain History and Potential Future Impact

KnowledgeNet and Terra Verde are presenting an informative webinar series designed to raise awareness about cybersecurity and the challenges facing IT and cybersecurity professionals.


  • Edward Vasko, CEO, Terra Verde
  • Carlos Villalba, VP Solutions, Terra Verde

Download Slides:
Blockchain History and Potential Future Impact PDF


Blockchain is well known for being the technology underpinning of Bitcoin. Blockchain has generated a huge amount of interest within Financial and Retail markets as it offers a new approach to data management and sharing. This session will review existing methods of data management that typically involve large legacy IT systems that are prone to attack in contrast to blockchains (or distributed ledgers) that are inherently harder to attack because of their distributed shared database architecture. We will also discuss practices for ensuring blockchains and the challenges of deploying security of this type of digital infrastructure.

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