The CompTIA Holy Trinity of Certifications

The CompTIA Holy Trinity of Certifications

A+, Network+ and Security+ open the gates to career success.

New to IT? Early-career professional? No matter where you’re at on the corporate ladder, you need to know that the IT world believes in the value of certifications. In particular, CompTIA’s vendor-neutral certifications—A+, Network+ and Security+–are considered the Holy Trinity.

The credentials you need. The respect you want.

Recognized internationally, evergreen CompTIA certifications are considered must-haves by most IT pros, and a critical part of any professional certification portfolio.

CompTIA certifications are valid for three years, and must be renewed unless they were earned before 2009 when those certs received ANSI/ISO/IEC accreditation (which requires recertification as a condition for qualification).

Go to the head of the class: CompTIA A+

A+ is CompTIA’s entry-level IT credential. Recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense and used by Canon, Dell, HP and Intel service technicians, the A+ cert allows credential holders to maintain PCs, mobile devices, laptops, operating systems and printers, as well as perform the basics of networking, PC configuration and installation, including mobile operating systems. Retesting or 20 continuing education units (CEUs) are required for recertification.

Recommended skills/prerequisites:        6 to 12 months experience
Required exams:                                     Two exams: 220-901 and 220-902
Exam costs:                                             $199 per exam

Get everyone talking: CompTIA Network+

Possessing a breadth of knowledge, CompTIA Network+ credential holders demonstrate technical skills in basic network infrastructure-related tasks, including installation, configuration and operation of networks. Network+ certified IT pros also possess the technical skills required to manage and maintain network infrastructures, troubleshoot and solve unforeseen networking events as they occur, and manage devices, tools and security. Retesting or 30 continuing education units (CEUs) are required for recertification.

Recommended skills/prerequisites:        CompTIA A+ certification + 9 months of networking experience
Required exams:                                      One exam: N10-006
Exam costs:                                             $285 per exam

Keep the world safe: CompTIA Security+

Want to secure networks and manage associated network security risks? A CompTIA Security+ credential is a safe bet. It covers foundational skills like managing cryptography, access control principles and identity management. Credential holders also gain skills necessary to address security issues related to the growing fields of BYOD (bring your own device), SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and cloud computing. Retesting or 50 continuing education credits (CEUs) are required for recertification.

Recommended skills/prerequisites:        Network+ certification + 2 years’ experience in IT administration
with a focus on security technologies

Required exams:                                      One exam: SY0-401

Exam costs:                                             $311 per exam

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