Preparing for an Advanced Level Career With CompTIA

Preparing for an Advanced Level Career With CompTIA

CompTIA provides the best courses in the industry for entry-level IT professionals who aspire to achieve advanced IT careers. However, CompTIA offers a plethora of courses and many aren’t appropriate for those who are new to IT. Additionally, some IT professionals already possess skills through on-the-job training that make certain courses unnecessary to take. If you’re just getting your feet wet in IT and want to know how to expand your skills, CompTIA is the best place to start. Here’s a breakdown of a few of the best courses to put you on the path to an advanced-level career in information technology.

CompTIA A+ 220-901 & 220-902

It’s highly recommended that you start with CompTIA A+ if you lack industry experience. This course was designed to introduce individuals to basic IT concepts and provide an overview of the IT industry. The certification is broken up into two courses. The first course teaches topics like computer components, computer functions, peripherals, display devices, mobile devices, storage, beginning networking and beginning security. The second course includes operating systems, additional security, additional networking, virtualization and troubleshooting. Technicians who are comfortable with the basics of computers, networking, security, operating systems and storage solutions can skip this certification and begin training on CompTIA Net+, CompTIA Server+ or entry-level Microsoft courses.

CompTIA Net+ N10-006

Anyone who plans on an advanced-level career in networking, security, cloud computing or enterprise infrastructure must have sound networking skills. CompTIA Net+ is an ideal course to learn vendor-neutral networking concepts that provide the necessary skills to advance into other IT fields. Students learn concepts like the OSI model, network theory, wireless and wired network standards, policies and procedures, safety practices, equipment and cabling, ports and protocols and change management. Technicians who already possess basic networking skills and experience can skip this course and jump into certifications like CompTIA Security+ or Cisco Certified Network Associate.

CompTIA Server+ SK0-004

At the heart of any IT department is the IT infrastructure. CompTIA Server+ is an excellent course for anyone who is interested in server management and already has basic networking and computer experience. The course covers topics like server architecture, server administration, storage, security, networking, disaster and recovery and troubleshooting. IT professionals who already possess these skills can jump ahead to CompTIA Security+ or associate-level Microsoft courses.

Summing It Up

Beginning a career in IT is a lot easier when you leverage good training. CompTIA provides excellent entry-level courses that will guide you down the path to an advanced-level career. Likewise, understanding what each course offers allows a technician with existing skills to jump ahead and train on relevant content. If you’re still not sure how to advance your career in IT, visit and speak to one of KnowledgeNet’s friendly Success Advisors.

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