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Learn how to turn conversations about code into valuable collaboration.



Design and create well-structured content that’s compatible with web best practices.


Learn basic and advanced techniques to create web apps as beautiful as they are responsive.


Immerse yourself in JavaScript, jQuery, D3 and Angular.JS to breathe more life into your web apps.


Pair Python and Django to create powerful web apps in a matter of days.


Manage developing projects and versions and engage with the Git community. It’s a great place to show off your portfolio.

Data Management

Create and access data from relational databases like MySQL and SQLite, as well as publicly accessed data and social media.

Agile Development

Work fast and efficiently, ensuring your projects are expertly built and deployed on time.


Encourage rapid development with clean design using Django, a high-level Python framework.

Career Ready

Get portfolio pointers and interview prep guidance to land your dream job.

Course guide

Course duration: 30 hours

Achieve: Diploma in Tech Fundamentals

Vendor: Code Institute

Student support: Success Advisors

Prerequisites: None

Assessment: Completion of all projects

Resources: Internet access and email

Perfect for: Marketing Directors and Project Managers

What you’ll learn in this 30-hour course:

Key concepts and business opportunities of software development 

The software development lifecycle

How to brief coders for a project in a language you’ll both understand

How to build and empower great coding teams Key concepts and opportunities in software development

Tried and tested programming languages including Java, HTML, CSS, Python, C++ and more

UI- and UX-focused design

Core coding competencies: front-end, back-end, frameworks, software development,cloud computing, data management and APIs

Get certified the KnowledgeNet way

Professional development that works around you

We’re flexible—Learn on your own time and at your own pace, in our mentored online program. Course content is designed to encourage structured development.

We’re on the job—Gain modern tools and methods to come away with an excellent understanding of effective communication, cross-team collaboration and the language of code.

We’re certified—The Code Institute is fully credit rated by Edinburgh Napier University. Our graduates are awarded a globally recognized diploma in Coding Fundamentals for Business Professionals.

We’re industry experts—Leading tech experts helped develop our programs, sharing their professional expertise in the syllabus and course development.

We’re up-to-date—Our experts teach the latest industry best practices so your training is always industry relevant. This also means our course is always evolving.

  • 30 weeks of access
  • Instructor-led video presentations
  • Balanced curriculum
  • Practical exercises
  • Online support
  • Industry developed syllabus
  • On-demand training