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IT exam vouchers and exams

IT practitioners advance their careers every time they achieve a new certification within their specific field. Certifications also help IT managers ensure skill requirements and maintain licensing agreements. Certifications are achieved after months of study and the successful completion of one or more IT exams. However, some certifications like the CCIE in Routing and Switching can cost well over $1600, which makes advancing an IT career or maintaining technical standards quite expensive. IT exam vouchers help alleviate the financial stress of continuing education within the IT industry.

What are IT exam vouchers?

IT exam vouchers are prepaid seats to high-stakes exams and can lower the cost of certifications if they’re added to training purchases. Training providers will sometimes include IT exam vouchers as a part of a training package, which saves money and eliminates the need to allocate funds at a later time.

Pearson Vue is the global leader in computer-based testing and provides exam vouchers for industry giants like Microsoft, Cisco and CompTIA. With testing locations all over the country, scheduling and writing an IT exam is quite simple. Whether you’re an IT manager securing certification training for your staff or a lone wolf looking to advance a technical career, use this guide to learn everything you need to know about IT exams and vouchers.

IT Exam & Voucher Info

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Our online IT training, virtual classroom or bootcamp courses boasts a 94 percent, first-time pass rate on IT certification testing.

Once you’ve picked the training modality and provider that meets your certification needs, request exam vouchers to be included in the purchase. This will save money, simplify the purchase and ensure you have everything needed for certification.


Preparing for the IT Exam

High-stakes exams are meant to be difficult, so make sure you do everything you can to prepare. Here’s what you need to do before scheduling your exam.

• Make sure you’re passing your practice exams with a 90 percent or better.

• Make sure your practice exams are up-to-date.

• Focus on your weaknesses.

• Prepare for hands-on or lab exercises.


Let KnowledgeNet help you prepare for an IT exam and acquire a voucher to pay for it.

Schedule Your IT Exam

Scheduling your exam is quite simple. Here’s how you can schedule an IT exam through Pearson Vue.

1. Create an account with Pearson Vue

2. Go to your testing program landing page

3. Sign in

4. Choose an exam, location and date

5. Pay for the exam with a debit/credit card or a Pearson Vue voucher.

6. The details of your purchase will be emailed to you. Pearson Vue also makes it easy to cancel or reschedule an exam if necessary.

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