Leading an Agile Team

This course is included in the Everything IT Self-Paced training package.


Having a good team and quality leadership is key for the success of any project, but in Agile development it is crucial. This course takes a close look at agile teams and team leadership, including the unique skills and roles of the agile project leader and the characteristics of the team as a whole. You will see how traditional project managers can adopt a new mindset that allows them to thrive in the agile environment, and to take on a coaching, leading, and facilitating role. Leaders must empower their teams to organize themselves, collaborate, and solve problems. This course provides guidance on how to lead a colocated cross-functional team, as well as a distributed team, and how to boost team performance.
This course is intended for project managers, program managers, or anyone who wants to efficiently participate in agile projects. It is aligned with the Agile Certified Practitioner exam objectives developed by the Project Management InstituteĀ® and Certified ScrumMaster learning objectives.

Target Audience

Managers and members of project teams who currently use or plan to adopt Agile techniques



Certified ScrumMaster

Expected Duraction

120 mins.

Course Objectives

The Agile Project Leader

  • indicate how the role of project manager differs between traditional and agile project management
  • recognize practices that reflect the mindset of an agile project leader
  • The Agile Team

  • recognize the characteristics of an Agile team
  • identify causes of problems on agile teams
  • Assessing an Agile Team and Its Leaders

    Managing Distributed Agile Teams

  • recommend strategies for overcoming challenges faced by dispersed agile teams
  • Coaching an Agile Team

  • match iteration phases with corresponding coaching activities
  • Improving Team Performance

  • recognize strategies for boosting team performance
  • Coaching to Improve Team Performance

    This Course is included in our Everything IT Self-Paced Training Package.

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