Best Digital Asset Management Software

Best Digital Asset Management Software

Almost every organization relying on digital media will eventually purchase a digital asset management (DAM) solution. Digital asset management (DAM) is business software that provides services for maintaining, storing and retrieving digital media, while managing rights and permissions. These cloud-based services become essential software for IT and marketing departments, as organizations and businesses grow and accumulate large amounts of data.

Choosing the best DAM software for your business or organization involves a multitude of considerations.

• Does it include training?
• How complicated is installation and migration?
• Does it come with support?
• Does it offer security and backup management?
• Are there public, private and/or hybrid platform options?
• How much data can it manage?
• Will it integrate with your current business solutions and function on your hardware?

Ultimately, the best DAM software for your IT department will likely be a combination of relevant features and overall cost. If you’re considering purchasing DAM software, consider these popular options before you buy.


Widen is a popular DAM solution and provides support for over 300,000 users throughout the world. Marketing teams represent a majority of the membership and benefit from a wide variety of tools. Agile workflows, excellent customization and integrations for publishing and distribution are additional benefits associated with Widen software. Likewise, this DAM solution conveniently integrates with software like WordPress, Dropbox, Zapier, and Salesforce. Onsite training and world-class support ensures full implementation and onboarding can be achieved within a few months.

Widen is limited to Software as a Service (SaaS) and doesn’t offer additional platforms. This may prove challenging considering other DAM solutions provide a choice. Regardless, Widen maintains its popularity and continues to offer a great overall value.


IntelligenceBank is a great DAM solution for managing large amounts digital content and makes it easy to migrate data from other systems. IntelligenceBank is well-known for providing DAM and Brand Hubs products to those in marketing, finance and healthcare. Although IntelligenceBank specializes in brand management and protection, other features include tight security, API’s with integration connectors, scalable architecture, and expert support.

Those interested in purchasing IntelligenceBank’s basic software package won’t get access to features like collaboration and workflows. However, upgrading to Brand Hubs provides these and additional advanced-level features.


Canto is an excellent DAM solution that stores a large amount of digital content, integrates with a multitude of software products and offers multiple computing platforms to choose from. Canto conveniently integrates with InDesign, Slack, Facebook, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Sitecore, WorkFront, Magento, ACC, inMotionNow, WordPress and Salesforce. Canto also works with most ERP systems. A wide range of integrations and flexibility across multiple platforms make Canto a popular choice for thousands of IT and marketing departments across the nation.

Training options include onsite, webinars and online. It’s highly recommended that you take full advantage of these options, because the software is more complex than other DAM products and requires advanced-level administration.

Summing It Up

When you’re looking for digital asset management software to manage your organization’s photos, music, videos, and animations, determine your requirements and shop around. You’ll certainly find a lot of competition in this space, which provides a multitude of choices.

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