The Best Time and Attendance Software for Your Organization

The Best Time and Attendance Software for Your Organization

Modern organizations recognize the value of time and attendance software. Some of the best time and attendance software can mitigate human errors, prevent company theft, ensure accurate payments, improve scheduling, and protect organizations from wage-related lawsuits. In short, time and attendance software saves both time and money.

Choosing the best time and attendance software isn’t always a clear-cut decision. After all, every organization has its unique challenges to consider. How large is the organization? What features are important to the staff? What are the organizational goals? Regardless of the business objectives you’re trying to achieve, you’ll still have plethora of choices.

If you’re considering a solution to replace your outdated punch clock, consider this short list of the best time and attendance software solutions.


For nearly 60 years, ADP has been providing human capital management (HCM) for organizations of all sizes. With customers in more than 110 countries, ADP helps HR managers with payroll, talent acquisition, time keeping, taxes, benefit administration, outsourcing services, analytics, and compliance. This leading HCM’s cloud-based service also provides deep insights, cutting-edge technology and an unmatched user experience.

ADP packages include:

  • Small Business – 1 to 49 employees
  • Midsized Business – 50 to 999 employees
  • Large Business – 1000+ employees

ADP also provides a package for multinational organizations with complex management needs. This package includes unique multinational features that help organizations align talent with business objectives, enhance recruiting, simplify compensation, and increase employee retention.

Although ADP provides effective tools for HR managers, it lacks customization. Regardless if your organization is a small business or a large corporation, ADP provides an overall quality HR experience.


Since 1996, stratustime has been providing time and attendance solutions for organizations of varying size and industry. In fact, American Gas Products (a major supplier of local cylinder and Micro Bulk gas products) utilized stratustime to improve employee management and eliminate the need for paper timesheets.

This SaaS solution is based on three core ideas including:

  • Simple – Easy-to-use timesheets, self-service and labor reporting
  • Flexible – Scalable pricing based on growth and enhanced scheduling to save money
  • Plays Nice – Integrates well with over 60 payroll systems

This cloud-based software provides a host of services including time clock, employee self-service, PTO accruals, geofencing, and labor forecasting. With features like real-time monitoring, employee scheduling and error alerts, stratustime makes the role of employee management much easier. Also, employees can edit timecards, see their schedule and request time off. Some of the best benefits of stratustime include its ease of integration with other systems and online access via ethernet or Wi-Fi. The online portal is also simple-to-use and can easily be accessed by remote employees.

While the cost per employee is quite reasonable, an expensive time clock and a hefty start-up fee makes this solution costlier than others. Overall, stratustime is a great solution for organizations that value a reliable, hassle-free time and attendance solution.

TimeClock Plus

Data Management Incorporated has been around since 1988 and is the creator of TimeClock Plus. This time and attendance software has been the winner of several awards since 2000 and provides solutions for organizations of all sizes. According to DMI, “The company’s success is a result of its long-range commitment to the development of high quality, world-class applications, and our consistent mindset of morally-sound business practices.”

TimeClock Plus is based on 3 principles:

  • Fast – The fastest time and attendance product on the market
  • Friendly – Customizable solution to meet individual needs
  • Flexible – Adaptive software that can be utilized anytime and anywhere

Express reports provide detail analysis of all aspects of your business. This includes payroll, time and attendance, cost analysis, and much more. TimeClock Plus also boasts a multitude of features like web based clock operations, web based punch management, SQL Server backend, SSL Security, blank missed punches, simple clock operations, and the list goes on.

TimeClock Plus is another popular time and attendance solution on the market for both employers and employees. Although this solution has many great benefits, it has an expensive time clock and lacks an application program interface. If your employees value customization, flexibility and speed, they’ll truly appreciate TimeClock Plus.


TSheets makes it easy to track employee productivity with cutting-edge tools to ensure organizations save both time and money. One of the most accurate ways to determine daily, weekly and monthly costs is to effectively manage your employees and schedules, and TSheets delivers. Regardless if you’re employees work in an office, a warehouse, or on-the-go, TSheets has a time and attendance solution to meet your organizational challenges.

TSheets boasts over 2,000 five-star customer reviews. Here’s why:

  • Mobile Tracking – Track timesheets from any device and from anywhere
  • Convenience – Edit, review and approve timesheets, and eliminate the need for hand-written sheets
  • QuickBooks Integration – Approved time sheets can be sent to QuickBooks to save time and money

Scheduling and managing on-the-go employees is made simple with the Who’s Working feature. This application provides real-time GPS tracking ensuring organizational and employee productivity. TSheets also has a host of features including error alerts, an advanced mobile app, PTO management, and easy scheduling.

Although TSheets boasts a powerful tracking solution, it lacks compatibility with most time clocks and payroll integrations. Nevertheless, this is a great time and attendance solution for organizations with on-the-go employees.

iSolved Human Capital Management

iSolved is a relatively new time and attendance solution, but has already acquired a rich list of high-profile clients all across America. This cloud-based HCM has a number of features any organization could benefit from. iSolved combines a host of advanced features with an easy-to-use platform to deliver an incredible user experience. This includes real-time analytics to enhance business decisions and lower costs as the organization grows.

Why use iSolved HCM?

  • Easy to Use – All the tools you need in one convenient place
  • Powerful Technology – Advanced features create an amazing user experience
  • Completely Scalable – Grow at your own pace and save money

iSolved’s advanced services and features provide real-time data to help guide organizational decisions. This includes a rich variety of HR services such as payroll, benefits enrollment, time and attendance, reporting, and more. Additional features include employee self-management, report writing and an easy-to-use dashboard.

Although iSolved provides an easy-to-use platform and a low cost per employee, it also has high start-up costs and mobile access requires an additional fee. Overall, this is a good solution for organizations capable of covering the implementation costs.

Summing It Up

Some of the best time and attendance software solutions are easy-to-use, full of advanced features and capable of providing accurate data to help guide business decisions. Certainly ADP, stratustime, TimeClock Plus, TSheets, and iSolved are all great choices, but there are many more one can explore.

Choosing a solution that best fits the needs of your organization requires a little research. How much is the implementation fee? How much does it cost per employee? How easy is it to use? These are all questions any organization must sort out before purchasing time and attendance software. Ultimately, anyone purchasing time and attendance software should consider how it will save the organization time and money.

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