Create a Training Policy to Guide Your Training Program

Create a Training Policy to Guide Your Training Program

Having a training program in place lays the foundation for your IT team’s ongoing success. Besides offering a path for growth and development, studies show training also increases job satisfaction and retention. In fact, 78% of employees in organizations with training plans in place reported being less likely to leave their companies.

First things first: Create a training policy

Before determining the best training program for your organization, it pays to draft a training policy. This document will provide a foundation and focus for all training activities, and it can be used as one of the tools for evaluating the success of your organization’s efforts.

Your policy document should:

  • Relate to the organization’s goals
  • Be in line with your stated mission and objectives
  • Be clearly written and widely communicated
  • Provide guidance for allocating department resources (trainers, money, time)
  • Give a broad direction to training activities
  • Outline the authority given to the training department, as well as the limits to that authority
  • Define how often the policy should be reviewed and updated

Within your training policy document, you can create a checklist of items to brainstorm:

  • Evaluation of training programs
  • Selection of employees to receive training
  • Availability of training
  • Location of training sessions
  • Programs to be established
  • Length of training
  • Tuition-paid plans
  • Outside services and programs
  • Link from training to performance appraisals

So what does the end result look like?

According to the TechRepublic article by author Susanne Krivanek entitled, “Creating a policy for your training department,” here’s an example of how a finished policy might look:

The Consulting Services Training Department truly believes that the employees of the XYZ Corporation are its most valuable asset and is confident that each employee will receive the knowledge and skills necessary to perform his/her job at the highest possible level. The policy of the Consulting Services Training Department is as follows:

  1. All levels of management will be involved in the planning of new programs
  2. Upon joining the company, a new employee will participate in an orientation session
  3. A needs assessment of each employee will be conducted annually to assist with the employee’s career and skills development
  4. The training policy will be reviewed and updated twice a year (every six months) to reflect updates to the company’s goals and objectives

Summing It Up

For more information about training or how to create a training program for your organization, download our infographic, The State of Technology Training 2017, or our PDF guide, 12 Things to Consider when Establishing a Training Program. You can also talk to one of the friendly success advisors at KnowledgeNet: The Live Learning Company. Call 877-797-2799. Or visit

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