New Technology Requires New Skillsets: 5 Training Tips

New Technology Requires New Skillsets: 5 Training Tips

The IT industry thrives on rapidly changing technologies and those who work in the field are required to embrace change—not fight it.

Staying current with regards to technology is crucial—and so is staying up-to-date with training on it. If employees don’t fully understand how to use the technology—even if it’s an upgrade to a platform you already rely on—your organization may run the risk of depleted productivity and morale.

Old technology can hamper team members’ work and cost you countless hours of productivity. It’s also a huge security threat. Your system is only as strong as the weakest link in your chain. Another problem is that your company looks uninformed about new devices or software, which may discourage potential clients and customers.

So, what’s the good news? These issues can be alleviated by ensuring your team is well trained on the technology products and software its using. Here are five ways to help your employees learn to use the essential technology you need to run your business:

5 New Technology Training Tips:

Recognize When to Train

When new platforms or programs affect them, you’ll want to retrain staff members. Technology is an ever-shifting flow of information and processes that requires a proactive approach to stay on top of it. Let’s say you choose to move to tablets and eliminate desktop computers. Some of your employees may be familiar with the mobile device, but others may not be. Don’t assume that all team members will grasp a new system immediately. Individuals should fully understand how to use the technology—even if it’s a simple upgrade to a platform you already rely on.

Train Leaders First

When you prepare to launch a new technology that affects your staff, consider training a select group of members first. Once they’ve been trained, they can coach their respective teams. This creates an efficient way to pass on information and invite collaboration. And it prevents a solitary instructor from becoming overwhelmed with requests and questions.

Train Online

Many small businesses exist exclusively online, with team members in different continents, countries or states. For businesses with a wide geographic reach, in-person training would be cost prohibitive and time-consuming. Online coaching is a powerful alternative. Online training allows employees to learn at their own pace, on their own schedules.

Opt for Hands-On Instruction

Lectures can be b-o-r-i-n-g. Slideshows can be mind-numbing. These types of presentations often fail to work because they present too much information in a short amount of time and lack any real interaction. Incorporate interactive elements into your trainings and take frequent breaks to ensure the content sinks in. Allow your team to use laptops to follow along during the training.

Test Drive New Tools and Software

You wouldn’t buy a car without taking a test drive, so why not let your team experiment with new technology before using it in a business context? Give them a week to practice with the new technology and solidify their lessons. Ensure that a well-trained team member is handy to answer the questions that will naturally arise.

Meaningful training can make a huge difference in the success of your business. Just take the time to make it a priority.

To learn more about effective training solutions on new technology, contact a friendly Success Advisor at KnowledgeNet: The Live Learning Company. Or call 877-797-2799.

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