Switching to New Technology Requires Training

Switching to New Technology Requires Training

Information technology is changing all the time. Although it’s difficult to keep pace, change creates new solutions to business challenges and promotes innovation that lowers overall operating costs. While new technologies have a host of amazing benefits, they almost always require qualified talent to manage them. The question then becomes: How can we acquire the right skills?

Training offers a multitude of benefits for organizations planning on switching to new technologies. These include:

• Employee retention
• Lower operating costs
• Increased ROI
• Reduced project time

Ultimately, leaders within the IT department need to make the case for training when the business stakeholders are ready to discuss new technology. A formal proposal is recommended, but it’s always good to formulate a few compelling reasons that speak directly to those making the investment. When it comes time to propose your solution, consider these reasons why switching to new technology requires training.

Employee Retention

Training is a fantastic way to retain your current IT staff. According to a 2016 study by American Management Association, technical training was among the most important strategies companies were using to retain their best employees. Why? Experienced IT practitioners are in high demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported a growing skills gap, estimated to leave millions of technical jobs unfilled by 2024. In short, companies can’t afford to lose their best employees and training is an affordable way to keep them.

Lower Operating Costs

IT departments, far too often, outsource services that could be handled internally with adequate training. Billable hours add up quickly and eat into profits. While outsourcing provides an immediate solution, it costs much more in the long term. Training, on the other hand, provides an affordable solution to build the same skills with trusted members of your staff. Also, IT departments can customize training plans to meet the unique needs of the business.

Increased ROI

The best way to increase ROI on new technology purchases is to achieve full utilization of its features and functions. Far too often, technology is under-used because adequate training wasn’t provided. You don’t know what you’re missing and how much money you could be saving until you thoroughly learn a product. Increase ROI by taking advantage of all your technology’s functions and features.

Finish Projects Sooner

I know it sounds cliché, but time is money.  Your IT staff will be able to finish projects on-time and make a lot less mistakes if they thoroughly understand the product. Setting aside a few hours each week, creating a space for your team to train and providing quality training assets will enable your staff to install and manage your new technology without having to Google everything.  Implement a quality training program and save time in the long run.

Summing It Up

Switching to new technology should always include training, and a compelling list of reasons will help your business stakeholders get on board. If you’re interested in acquiring training for your IT staff, contact KnowledgeNet and ask a friendly representative about our diverse learning formats and up-to-date course content.

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