Beginner’s Online Coding Workshop Webinar

Beginner’s Online Coding Workshop Webinar

Attend our free beginner’s and career changer’s coding webinar workshop and find out how, even with no prior experience, you can start from ground zero and learn the fundamentals of coding languages like HTML, CSS, Python and JavaScript. You’ll learn to code your first site in 90 minutes and discover your new tech career.





  • Eoghan O’Neill & Yoni Lavi

During this free webinar you’ll learn:

  • The fastest way to kickstart your dream coding career
  • Why coding and software development is the best industry ($30K+ starting salary aside)
  • The types of projects you’ll code—we’ll showcase what you can create in our Bootcamp
  • What the industry experts, employers, recruiters and graduates have to say
  • How to structure your website using tried & trusted, easy-to-read HTML
  • How to style up your HTML and make it adaptable to more devices using CSS
  • If a career in the tech industry is your true calling.


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